How to meal prep fruit salad without it going bad? It’s absolutely possible when you pay attention to a few tips!

Do you know what stresses me out? Slicing fruit. Every single day. Is that weird? Well, maybe it is.

But in the middle of a busy day with tons of obligations, it CAN absolutely seem like slicing an apple is too much work.

And also, who wants to buy tubs and tubs of supermarket fruit salad?! Uhm, not me.

Enter: Meal prepped fruit salad! Yes, that’s right. You can actually meal prep fruit salad and it’s the best thing ever.

How to Meal Prep Fruit Salad

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1. Get the right fruit ratio

The biggest issue with meal prepped fruit salad is the browning.

To keep fruit like apples and pear from browning, I make sure at LEAST 1/3 of my fruit salad is made up of more acidic fruit.

Think: Pineapples, oranges, kiwi…

This helps a lot to prevent browning in other fruit.

2. Add the right dressing

poppy seed fruit salad dressing in a glass jar

OK, maybe “dressing” is an overstatement here – I just pour lemon and orange juice over the fruit, mix and be done with it.

Maybe I’ll add the juice of a lime and some honey if I’m, feeling fancy, but that’s it.

Bottom line: For meal prepped fruit salad, do NOT use creamy, dairy-based dressings (like Greek yogurt or custard). They will turn the fruit too soggy over time and get gross and runny.

3. Don’t add fruit that gets mushy

Nope, produce that gets mushy has no business in meal prepped fruit salad.

Think: Bananas, soft pears, very delicate berries…

Just don’t add them, or the entire fruit salad will get slimy and not very enjoyable.

4. Pick firm, crisp fruit

woman holding a red apple

Especially when it comes to apples and pears, make sure you’re picking fruit that’s crisp and firm.

A meal prepped fruit salad is not the place for overly ripe produce – throw that stuff into a crisp instead.

5. Do not prep too much at a time

While meal prepping fruit salad is amazing, it’s not something you can do for the entire week ahead.

Make sure you don’t prep more fruit salad than you’ll eat within 2-3 days.

I usually make a small tub 3 times per week for my family. That way, we always eat it within 2-3 days.

glass container with tropical fruit salad

Meal prepping fruit salad has been such a helpful thing to do for my busy everyday.

We eat way more fruit now than we ever did before, and we will often have a small side of fruit salad with breakfast.

Which makes me feel fan-cay.

Hey, I need that on Monday mornings.

Right alongside a batch of Sheet Pan Blueberry Pancakes? Yes please.

What do you do to fit fresh fruit into your busy life? Are you going to meal prep fruit salad to make it easier? Let me know in the comments!

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